Tanjung-Benoa-a-Hub-of-Water-Sports-in-Bali-300x206Spending holidays in Bali seems incomplete before trying some marine attractions at Tanjung Benoa. Aside from serving as accommodation center, the tourist resort sitting in South Kuta subdistrict has a fairly long stretch of beach and retains beautiful coastal nature. As tourism supporting facilities, various water attractions are on offer at Tanjung Benoa and these make the area better known as a hub of marine tourism in Bali. Perching close to BTDC Nusa Dua area makes it a strategic and ideal location for five-star hotels. Along the beach, dozens of water sport businesses offer a wide selection of attractions. They are ranging from parasailing, diving, banana boat, flying fish and some other challenging attractions. Regarding the price, they are still affordable with foreign tourists and local tourists, especially the lineups of students.

The most favorite attraction for foreign tourists is parasailing where they can fly happily and circle in the air over the sea. Unlike banana boat, tourists have been very familiar with this attraction. Participants can ride on it while using a life jacket. Afterward, the parachute is pulled by a boat moving at medium speed. Participants may also be dropped into water and this makes the attraction more exciting.

For local and foreign tourists, another more exciting attraction that should not be missed is flying fish. When taking this attraction, every participant will get amazing experience to fill in holidays in Bali. By facing upward while an instructor standing at the back, everything will go safe and amazing. This flying fish is pulled by a boat at a high-speed counter-downwind.

More interestingly, you can also take a diving adventure to enjoy the undersea enchantment. The waters of Tanjung Benoa offer a stunning variety of charms along with its unique marine biota. For professional divers, diving into particular depth will not be a problem, while beginners wishing to learn should be accompanied by an instructor.

If you do not want to miss this intriguing moment, it should be immortalized by video or photograph camera. While bringing along with bread to feed fish, divers will usually encounter beautiful underwater sceneries and coral reefs filled with colorful fish. During the diving takes place, you can pose to be showed off to some friends. By all means, this underwater experience will give you unlimited stories to tell. 

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