Archipelagic Cultural CharmFragmentary dance of Jayaprana-Layonsari rivets audiences at TMII

Hundreds of spectators in the Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature (TMII) Jakarta were fascinated by the appearance of young artists from Buleleng presenting the Jayaprana- Layonsari fragmentary dance, Saturday night (Aug 31). The performance associated with the staging of the Archipelagic Cultural Charm was even watched by representatives of some ambassadors.

The performing art presented by dozens of Buleleng young artists becoming the envoys of Bali was preceded by Sweta Bangkaja Dance posing the typical welcoming dance of Buleleng. After that appeared two Teruna Jaya dancers making the audience at the Bali Pavilion amazed. Admiration of the audience peaked when the young artists were presenting the fragmentary dance as the adaptation of the Buleleng folklore, Jayaprana- Layonsari. Aside from demonstrating the maturity of the artists playing the role of the figures in the folklore, the staging was even getting stronger with the support of lighting effects and stunning gong kebyar accompaniment.

Representatives of the ambassador attending the event, among others, came from Sri Lanka, Poland, the United States, Japan, Korea and Fiji. Similarly, the performance was also witnessed by the Regent of Buleleng Putu Agus Suradnyana, Deputy Regent Nyoman Sutjidra, Regional Secretary of Buleleng Government Dewa Ketut Puspaka and other top officials.

The Regent of Buleleng, Putu Agus Suradnyana, said that Buleleng located in the northern part of the Bali Island had a diversity of culture and the arts. Geographical position of Buleleng having the mountain and sea could make an option for domestic and foreign travelers. No less interesting was the typical cuisines and handicrafts of Buleleng.

The event like the Archipelagic Cultural Charm was also taken advantage to demonstrate a number of Buleleng handicrafts in the Bali pavilion. The exhibition inaugurated by the Head of Buleleng Culture and Tourism Agency, Ketut Warkadea, Friday afternoon (Aug 30) drew a myriad of visitors. Even, the turnover during the two-day performance reached more than IDR 30 million. Meanwhile, the housewives coalesced into the PKK Motivator Team of the Buleleng County had prepared culinary delights since Saturday morning such as the blayag (rice bag) of typical Buleleng, mengguh, salad ice and beer ice (young coconut ice). (ole)

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